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Take Your Gains
To The Next Level,

PRIME Your Body
for an Intense Workout, 

And Recover FASTER
Than Ever

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you ever head to the gym so sore that you need 15 to 30 minutes of warm-ups just to loosen up your muscles?

Do you worry sometimes, “I want to be competitive, but I’m afraid of getting injured and risking longevity.”?

Would you like to prime your muscles and nervous system for consistent new PRs?

Want to take your recovery, muscle gains, and strength to the next level?


My name is Simon and I’m the founder of Functional Formulas and the creator of AntiVenom.


Before we dig deeper, let me share a little bit about myself so you can be sure the info you’re getting is real.

In 2012, the desk-bound corporate American lifestyle was destroying my health.

A sad lonely cubicle.

I was experiencing the negative impact of the sedentary cubicle lifestyle that we usually consider normal after college.

My sleep quality had declined, stress increased, my diet was anything quick and convenient.
My hip muscles and lower back felt tight from sitting all day in front of a monitor doing engineering analysis work.

I decided to take action with my health and fitness by joining a local CrossFit gym. 
These workouts were intense, but I was impressed with the results after just a few weeks.

I loved the hard workouts and seeing the changes in my body and strength.
The awesome community over at Crossfit Palm Beach definitely pushed me to new levels and helped me create a stronger version of myself.

But there was one problem.   What I didn’t “love” was the soreness.

I felt like my body had a hard time keeping up with the physical and mental demands I was putting on it.

My muscles felt tight.

I was tired.

Was I risking injuries for the sake of performance and putting numbers on the board each day?

I was unable to recover from yesterday’s WOD (Workout of the Day).


Out of desperation, I looked for natural ways to optimize my body so I wouldn’t feel like crap the next day or create long-term damage to my body from intense training.

As an engineer and 12+ year nutritional supplement nerd, I became obsessed with finding solutions that would help me train harder and recover faster.

After years of research, self-experimentation and real-world testing with athletes, I’m excited to share AntiVenom with you.

AntiVenom is The Strongest
Antioxidant Transdermal Plant-Based
Workout Formula

   AntiVenom is The Strongest  Anti-Inflammatory,  Antioxidant Topical Plant-Based Workout Gel


AntiVenom is my secret formula for optimizing performance, recovery, and longevity.

AntiVenom contains 26 essential oils, organic and natural ingredients that penetrate deep into joints, muscle and soft tissue which help to warm up, activate, and mobilize the body.

Use it before training to help activate the muscles, delay muscle fatigue and keep the joints functioning smoothly. 

Use it after training to ease muscle pain and promote the recovery process.


AntiVenom helps improve your workouts and results in 2 ways:

  1. Improved Mobility:  Smash your PRs and best times by activating the muscles BEFORE you even start your workouts.
  2. Improved Recovery:  Recover faster than ever with AntiVenom’s anti-inflammatory powers.

AntiVenom allows the average-everyday athlete to unlock their competitive edge.

After I started to use AntiVenom, I overcame my scaled division plateaus and took my performance beyond just the RX weight division.

Based on in-depth research with hundreds of hard-training athletes, I knew they needed a topical muscle formula that would take their workouts and recovery to the next level.

Functional Formulas is about empowering solutions to help you create a better performing version of yourself.


Here are some of the benefits you’re going to experience with AntiVenom:

  • Activates muscles and the nervous system before your workout starts
  • Improves mobility, flexibility and athletic performance
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Recovery relief that starts before the pain sets in
  • Quickly reduces muscle soreness
  • Ideal for high-intensity workouts & competitions
  • Reduces inflammation & improves blood flow
  • Optimize performance and feel awesome during your toughest workouts
  • Train harder, recover faster
  • Unlock your competitive edge with organic, natural pain relief


AntiVenom was created to help everyday athletes optimize performance and live better.

Each AntiVenom jar contains an invigorating fusion of powerful essential oils and natural healing ingredients designed to make you feel, move, and perform better during your toughest workouts.


This formula is designed to help athletes, novice to professional, optimize workout performance by improving the way they feel, before, during, and after training. If you've ever felt sore, tight, or not as warmed up as you'd like to feel, before or after a workout, then AntiVenom is the perfect tool to add to your training toolbox.


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